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An Overview:

The Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering program is housed under Faculty of Science and Engineering. The teaching faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professors as well as bright young faculty members. Research is of high priority in the Faculty.

Career Opportunities:

The purpose of the Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering program is to produce computer engineers in computer science and information technology to meet the needs of expanding job market. Graduates from this area will play an effective role in academic and research activities. 

Admission Requirements:

Thecandidates must fulfill the following requirements for admission in Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering:

B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering

Degree Requirements:

A total of 30 Credits of graduate course work and 6 Credits Thesis are required for the M.Sc. degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.0.


A student under normal work load will have 12 Credits per semester for this undergraduate program. The program with 36 credits will be required to complete the Master’s degree.
Upon acceptance, students will receive a copy of their planned academic program. Students are encouraged to meet periodically with the program director to discuss academic progress, career placement and special needs.

Courses:                                                                                 Credits

Required Courses (Any Ten)

Course Code     Course Title                                                                       
MCSE    600         Machine Translation                                                       3.0
MCS       603         Decision Support Systems                                            3.0
MCS       604         Advanced Operating Systems                                    3.0
MCSE    605         Special Topics on UML                                                   3.0
(Unified Modeling Language)    
MCSE    606         Robotics                                                                               3.0
MCSE    607         Data Encryption & Cryptography                               3.0
MCSE    608         Telecommunications & Computer Networking   3.0
MCSE    609         Computer Security                                                          3.0
MCSE    613         Legal & Ethical Aspects of Computing                      3.0
MCS       615         Digital Signal Processing                                                3.0
MCS       616         Optical Fiber Communications                                    3.0
MCS       617         Combinatorial Optimization                                         3.0
MCS       622         Distributed Systems                                                       3.0
MCS       642         Data Mining                                                                        3.0
MCS       643         Neural Networks                                                             3.0
MCS       644         Fuzzy Systems                                                                   3.0
MCS       645         Speech Recognition                                                        3.0
MCS       646         Syntactic Pattern Recognition                                     3.0
MCS       647         Image Processing                                                             3.0
MCS       648         Mathematical Programming                                        3.0
MCS       649         Machine Learning                                                            3.0
MCS       652         Software Quality Assurance                                        3.0
MCS       671         Parallel Algorithms                                                          3.0
MCS       672         Graph Theory                                                                    3.0
MCS       673         Computational Geometry                                            3.0
MCS       691         Computer Graphics & Animation                              3.0
SCSE      692         Computer Interfacing                                                    3.0
MIS        714         Special Topics on E-Commerce                                   3.0
MIS        718         Special Topics on MIS                                                     3.0
MIS        781         Multimedia Systems & Web Design                         3.0


MCSE    600         M.Sc. Thesis                                                                       6.0
All M.Sc. candidates should complete supervised study and research culminating in a thesis in their fields of specialization. The completed thesis should be well-bound and printed in accordance with the standard of IBAIS University.

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