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An Overview:

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering program is housed under Faculty of Science and Engineering. The teaching faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professors as well as bright young faculty members. Research is of high priority in the Faculty.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is offering four-year undergraduate degree program. The 4-year degree program is spread over 12 semesters with three semesters per year.

The aim of Electrical and Electronic Engineering education is to impart to the students up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge of this particular branch. The Electrical and Electronic Engineering is designed to produce graduates who are able to practices electrical engineering in one of the following areas: electronics, communications, powers,  controls, robotics, power electronics and computers; define and diagnose problems, and provide and implementation electrical engineering solutions in industry, business, and government; observe engineering ethics in the practice of electrical engineering; communicate effectively with technically diverse audiences; collaborate with others as a member or as a leader in an engineering team; develop their knowledge beyond the undergraduate level and keep current with advancements in electrical, electronic and telecommunication engineering.

Career Opportunities:

The program is a four- year B. Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering program. The purpose of this program is to produce Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers   to meet the needs of expanding job market. Graduates from this area will play an effective role in academic and research activities. 

Admission Requirements:

A Higher Secondary Certificate or its equivalent in Science with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry is the basic educational requirement. Minimum qualifying GPA to be eligible to apply is 2.5 individually in SSC/’O’ level and HSC/’A’ level examinations.

Students having Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engg. will be waived equivalent courses and classes will be held in the evening.

For all foreign certificates, the University as per rules of Bangladesh Government will determine equivalence.

Degree Requirements:

The B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering requirements are as follows:

(a)          Completion of 156 Credits courses
(b)          Completion of a dissertation with at least a ‘C+’ grade (4.0 Credits)
(c)           Passing    of   all courses    individually    and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5



A student under normal work load will have 12 Credits per semester for this undergraduate program. Four- year program with 156 credits will be required to complete the Bachelor degree. These credits are divided into three areas:

  1. General Education Courses
  2. Core Courses and
  3. Elective Courses

Courses:                                                                     Credits

1. General Education:                                                                    15

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       101         Freshman English-I                                          3.0
BUS        105         Introduction to Business                               3.0
ENG       106         Freshman English-II                                        3.0
ACT        110         Principles of Accounting                                                3.0
HIST       114         Bangladesh Studies                                         3.0

2. Basic Science:                                                                               9.0

Course Code     Course Title       
PHY        119         Physics                                                                 3.0
PHY        120         Physics Lab                                                         1.5
CHEM    161         Chemistry                                                           3.0
CHEM    162         Chemistry Lab                                                   1.5

3. Mathematics:                                                                               15

Course Code     Course Title       
MAT      115         Calculus & Coordinate Geometry              3.0
MAT      125         Differential Equations                                    3.0
MAT      215         Matrix & Linear Algebra                                                3.0
MAT      235         Statistics & Probability                                   3.0
MAT      315         Vector & Fourier Analysis, Complex
Variable & Laplace Transformation           3.0

4.  EEE Core Courses:                                                                      54

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
EEE         101         Electrical Circuit I                                              3.0
EEE         103         Electrical Circuit II                                             3.0
EEE         104         Electrical Circuit Lab                                         1.5
EEE         105         Solid State & Physical Electronics               3.0
CSE         111         Computer Fundamentals &
Programming Techniques                            3.0
CSE         112         Computer Fundamentals &
Programming Techniques Lab                    1.5
EEE         201         Electronics I                                                        3.0
EEE         203         Energy Conversion                                          3.0
EEE         205         Digital Electronics                                             3.0
EEE         206         Digital Electronics Lab                                     1.5
EEE         207         Electronics II                                                       3.0
EEE         208         Electronics Lab                                                  1.5
EEE         209         Electromagnetic Engineering                      3.0
EEE         301         Electrical Properties of Materials               3.0
EEE         307         Continuous Signals &
Linear Systems                                                  3.0
EEE         309         Communication Theory                                 3.0
EEE         310         Communication Theory Lab                         1.5
EEE         313         Microprocessor & Interfacing                     3.0
EEE         314         Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab             1.5
EEE         401         Control System Engineering                                        3.0
EEE         402         Control System Engineering Lab                1.5

5. Interdisciplinary Engineering Courses:                             4.5

Course Code     Course Title       
MECH    129         Mechanical Engineering                                                1.5
EEE         323         Measurements & Instrumentation          3.0
MECH    361         Thermodynamics &
Fluid Mechanics                                                                3.0
EEE         461         Biomedical Electronics                                   3.0

6. Technical Electives

Technical Elective I: Power                                                         18

Course Code     Course Title       
EEE         305         Power System                                                   3.0
EEE         306         Power System Lab                                           1.5
EEE         413         Advanced Electrical Machines                    3.0
EEE         415         Power Electronics                                            3.0
EEE         416         Power Electronics Lab                                    1.5
EEE         419         Power System Operation & Control         3.0
EEE         421         High Voltage Engineering                             3.0
EEE         422         High Voltage Engineering Lab                     1.5
EEE         473         Power Plant Engineering                              3.0
EEE         474         Power Plant Engineering Lab                      1.5
EEE         475         Power System Protection                            3.0
EEE         476         Power System Protection Lab                    1.5

Technical Elective II: Electronics                                               18

Course Code     Course Title       
EEE         303         Digital System Design                                     3.0
EEE         304         Digital System Design Lab                             1.5
EEE         315         Analog Integrated Circuits                            3.0
EEE         405         Processing Fabrication Technology           3.0
EEE         409         Microwave Communications
Engineering                                                        3.0
EEE         410         Microwave Communications
Engineering Lab                                                1.5
EEE         417         Opto-Electronics                                              3.0

Technical Elective III: Communication                                   18

Course Code     Course Title       
TE           407         Digital Communication                                   3.0
TE           408         Digital Communication Lab                           1.5
TE           413         Telecommunication Engineering               3.0
TE           414         Telecommunication Engineering Lab       1.5
CSE         417         Optical Fiber Communication                      3.0
TE           433         Cellular Mobile Communication                                 3.0
TE           453         Wireless, Mobile &
Satellite Communications                             3.0
TE           455         Telecommunication
Transmission & Switching                             3.0
TE           457         Broadcast Technologies                                                3.0
TE           459         Radar & Navigation                                         3.0
TE           461         Information Theory & Coding                     3.0

Technical Elective IV: Computer Science & Engineering (4.5 Credits)

Course Code     Course Title       
CSE         313         Computer Architecture                                 3.0
CSE         314         Computer Design Lab                                     1.5
CSE         321         Software Engineering                                    3.0
CSE         322         Professional Software Design Lab             1.5
CSE         335         Computer Networks                                      3.0
CSE         336         Computer Networks Lab                              1.5
CSIT       447         Multimedia Systems Design                        3.0
CSIT       448         Multimedia Systems Design Lab                                1.5


EEE 450 Dissertation (4 Credits)

All B.Sc. candidates should complete supervised study and research culminating in a dissertation in their fields of specialization. The completed dissertation should be well-bound and printed in accordance with the standards of IBAIS University.


B.Sc. (EEE) Waived Policy:

To apply for B.Sc. in EEE credit waiver, a student mast has an average grade of "C" or better and courses must have been taken within the past 7 years.

ENG 101


Three Credits in English - the equivalent of ENG 101 at IBAIS University.

ACT 110


Three Credits in Accounting - the equivalent of ACT 110 at IBAIS University.

HIST 114


Three Credits in History - the equivalent of HIST 114 at IBAIS University.

PHY 120


One and half Credits lab course in Physics - the equivalent of PHY 120 at IBAIS University.

CHEM 161


Three Credits in Chemistry - the equivalent of CHEM 161 at IBAIS University.

CHEM 162


One and half Credits in Chemistry - the equivalent of CHEM 162 at IBAIS University.

CSE 111


Three Credits in Computer Science - the equivalent of CSE 111 at IBAIS University.

CSE 112


One and half Credits lab in Computer Science - the equivalent of CSE 112 at IBAIS University.

MECH 129


One and half Credits in Mechanical Engineering - the equivalent of MECH 129 at IBAIS University.

EEE 205


Three Credits in Digital Electronics- the equivalent of EEE 205 at IBAIS University.

EEE 206


One and half Credits Lab Course in Digital Electronics- the equivalent of EEE 206 at IBAIS University.




Technical Elective IV:




Four and half Credits in Computer Science & Engineering - the equivalent of CSE 313 & CSE 314/CSE 321 & CSE 322/CSE 335 & CSE 336/ CSIT 447 & CSIT 448 at IBAIS University.

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