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An Overview:

English is spoken by over 800 million people around the world and is the main language for the international business community. The aim of the Business English Program at IBAIS University is to teach English using modern techniques in a stimulating atmosphere. More specifically, the Business English Program enables students to gain optimum proficiency in the English language skills and research skills necessary to embark on a professional career using English. The classes are intensive, comprehensive and practical applying English in everyday situations and business settings. Emphasis is placed on attaining a level of competency in reading, writing, grammar, listening, pronunciation, and research skills in different business cultures.

Career Opportunities:

The program opens a variety of career opportunities for graduates in the fields of business, media/communication, finance, international trade, government, and education. They can develop, among others interesting future careers as broadcasters, advertising executives, writers, and translators.

Admission Requirements:

A minimum GPA of 2.5 in both SSC and HSC or five subjects in O-level and two subjects in A-level are required. For all foreign certificates, the University as per rules of Bangladesh Government will determine equivalence.

Degree Requirements:

Completion of 124 Credit courses as follows:

Courses                                                                                                                                Credits
General Education                                                                                           28          
Professional Foundation Courses                                                             42          
Major Requirements                                                                                      21          
Major Electives                                                                                                 21          
Free Electives                                                                                                    06          
Dissertation                                                                                                        06          
Total                                                                                                                      124        

Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5.


A student under normal work load will have 12 Credits per semester for this undergraduate program. Four- year program with 124 credits will be required to complete the Bachelor degree. These credits are divided into three areas:

  1. General Education Courses
  2. Core Courses and
  3. Elective Courses.


Courses:                                                                                 Credits

General Education                                                                                          28         
Humanities and Language                                                                           13         

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ILB          100         Study Skills                                                                          1.0
IEN         103         Critical Reading                                                                 3.0
IEN         105         Communicative English                                                 3.0
IEN         106         Introductory Writing                                                       3.0
ILB          107         Ethics                                                                                    3.0

Social Sciences                                                                                                 09

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ILB          101         General Psychology                                                        3.0
ILB          109         Politics and Government                                              3.0
ILB          110         Intercultural Studies                                                       3.0

Mathematics and Science                                                                            06

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
IIT           201         Computer & Information Technology                     3.0
IMA       101         Fundamental Mathematics                                         3.0

Professional Education                                                                                 84

Professional Foundation Courses                                                            42
Course Code     Course Title                                                       
IA            101         General Accounting                                                        3.0
IMG       112         Management                                                                    3.0
ICS          202         Introduction to Business Computing                       3.0
IMK        212         Marketing                                                                           3.0
ICA         222         Modern Presentation Techniques                            3.0
IEN         251         Listening and Speaking I                                                                3.0
IEN         252         Listening and Speaking II                                              3.0
IEN         261         Introduction to Language                                             3.0
IEN         271         Advanced Reading                                                          3.0
IMG       323         Office Management                                                       3.0
IEN         344         Advanced Writing                                                            3.0
IEN         371         Translation I                                                                       3.0
IEN         381         English Pronunciation                                                     3.0
IEN         401         Cultural Knowledge & Negotiations                         3.0

Major Requirements                                                                                     21

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
IEN         202         Business Presentation                                                   3.0
IEN         203         English for Business Purposes                                    3.0
IEN         312         Reading in Business                                                        3.0
IEN         313         Business Conversation                                                  3.0
IEN         405         Business Report Writing                                                                3.0
IEN         406         Persuasive Writing                                                          3.0
RES         431         Research Methods                                                          3.0

Major Electives (any seven)                                                                       21

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
IEN         231         Introduction to Literature                                            3.0
IHT         301         English for Hotel and Tourism                                     3.0
IEN         315         English for Airline Business                                          3.0
IEN         316         English for Import & Export                                         3.0
IEN         317         English for Banking & Finance                                     3.0
IEN         318         English for Mass Communication                              3.0
IEN         319         English for Secretaries                                                   3.0
IEN         372         Translation II                                                                      3.0
IHT         411         Computerized Reservations Systems                      3.0
IEN         446         Contemporary Literary Works                                    3.0
IEN         451         Children's Literature                                                       3.0
IEN         469         Creative Writing                                                               3.0
IEN         483         Theories of English Teaching                                       3.0
IEN         490         Independent Study                                                        3.0

Free Electives (any two)                                                                               06

Course Code     Course Title                                                                       
IFR          101         French I                                                                                                3.0
IFR          102         French II                                                                              3.0
IGR         101         German I                                                                             3.0
IGR         102         German II                                                                            3.0
ISP          101         Spanish I                                                                              3.0
ISP          102         Spanish II                                                                             3.0

IEN         450         Dissertation                                                                       6.0
All BBE candidates should complete supervised study and research culminating in a dissertation in their fields of study. The completed dissertation should be well-bound and printed in accordance with the standard of IBAIS University

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