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ZAKARIA LINCOLN'S APPOLOGY - Our Response to the Rumor

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Mr. ShawkatAziz Russel
Chairman, Board of Trustees
IBAIS University, Bangladesh.

Subject: An Appeal for Amicable Settlement Regarding IBAIS University Issue.

Dear Chairman,

With due respect and humble submission; I Dr. Zakaria Lincoln on the very preamble I must express my hearties felicitations to you for meeting with me today. Without your kind and timely reaction to my request and apology, I definitely would never be able to face the jolt and therefore never be able to seek for an Amicable Settlement on the subjected issue.

Few days back I received a lawful notice on behalf of you and the notice comprising some conditions or approaches for me. I myself willing to go for the amicable settlement discussing with the Chairman, because I have realized my mistakes and activities from the core of my heart.

As a human being and humanity I therefore looking forward and prithee, kindly consider my appeal and obliged thereby.

Best Regards

(Dr. Zakaria Lincoln)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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