IBAIS University

"Committed to Ensure International Standard Education"

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Message from the Vice Chancellor and Treasurer (Officiating)

IBAISUniversity is committed to a value based integrated educational philosophy. We as a University have a vision and mission to produce a new generation of professionals, researchers and leaders needed for our country and for the global arena. We welcome student’s community, faculty members, officers and all others to join us in this noble task of building human resource with a clear vision of global ethical and moral values.


Our Faculties of Business & Economics, Humanities & Law, Science & Engineering having departments of Business Administration, Law, Tourism & Hotel Management, English, EEE and CSE are designed to serve this purpose. We believe in need based education coupled with ethical and moral commitment leading to development of a holistic personality. This makes us not only a different educational institution but also places great responsibilities on us to maintain highest standards of academic and moral excellence.


This is an exciting time in the history of our University and a critical time for all of us in higher education. I am confident that our dedicated faculty members, students, skilled officers and staff possess the potentials to face the challenges and fulfill our commitment.


 Prof. Mohammed Ahsan  Ullah

 Vice Chancellor & Treasurer (Officiating) 

 IBAIS University 



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