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An Overview:

The courses offered by the Department of English for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in English have two Majors: Literature and Linguistics.
The program requires an extensive reading of texts of literature in English and a familiarity with the theoretical and critical approaches, which have shaped English studies in recent years. The program focuses on a study of literary periods, genres and theoretical issues, as well as a study of non-native literature in English and literatures in other languages. Language skills and techniques are part of the degree. Students are thus offered the possibility of working with texts from a number of different historical periods and geographical areas, and are given the tools to analyze them in a variety of ways.

For Linguistics concentration, the program emphasizes an extensive reading of English phonetics and phonology, English grammar, Morphology, Syntax, Applied Linguistics and Language Acquisition. These count as core courses in the Linguistics major.
Career Opportunities:

 Students preparing to enhance their teaching careers can select any concentration from Literature/Language/Applied Linguistics and ELT. The English Literature major is the ideal liberal arts major for students desiring to develop capabilities in research, writing, critical thinking, and textual analysis combined with the study of literature and language. And students preparing to teach English as a Second Language are advised to take linguistics major. For pre-professional and general liberal arts majors, linguistics contributes to analytical and research skills that enhance professional résumé. Applied Linguistics and ELT are for students who are pursuing Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) endorsement concurrently with the MA in English.

2+2 Degree Program: CREDIT TRANSFER

In this age of globalization, a large number of Bangladeshi students like other part of the world,  have the thirst for the degrees of American universities. For this, IBAIS University made an academic collaboration with the University of Michigan-Flint, USA. Under this collaboration, students after completing 1st and 2nd year (63 Credits) at IBAIS University can transfer their credits to the University of Michigan-Flint, USA.

Admission Requirements:

Every applicant, without any exception, must fulfill the admission requirements as laid down by IBAIS University. Admission test and interview for admission into the first semester will be held three times a year. No interim or supplementary admission test or interview will be arranged.

A higher secondary certificate or its equivalent in Science, Arts, Commerce or other fields of study is the basic educational requirement. Minimum qualifying GPA to be eligible to apply is 2.5 individually in SSC/’O’ level and HSC/’A’ level examinations.
Student having Bachelor (pass)/Associate - Diploma: (2-4 years) degree will get waiver from the general education courses.
For all foreign certificates, the University as per rules of Bangladesh Government will determine equivalence.

Degree Requirements:

The BA degree requirements are as follows:
(a)          Completion of 129 Credits.
(b)          Completion of the Dissertation with at least a ‘C+’ grade (6 Credits)
(c)           Passing all courses individually and maintaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5


A student under normal work load will have 12 Credits per semester for this undergraduate program. Four- year program with 129 credits will be required to complete the Bachelor degree. These credits are divided into three areas:

  1. General Education Courses
  2. Core Courses and
  3. Elective Courses.

Courses:                                                                                 Credits
1st Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                                       
ENG       101         Freshman English-I                                                          3.0
ENG       103         Introduction to Poetry                                                   3.0
BANG    104         Introduction to Bangla Prose & Poetry                   3.0
SOC        104         Introduction to Social Science                                     3.0

2nd Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       105         Introduction Prose & Drama                                       3.0
ENG       106         Freshman English-II                                                        3.0
ENG       108         Studies In English History                                              3.0
PHL        110         Introduction to Philosophy                                          3.0

3rd Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ILB          101         General Psychology                                                        3.0
ENG       109         Old & Middle English                                                      3.0
CSE         111         Computer Fundamentals &
Programming Techniques                                            3.0
HIST       114         Bangladesh Studies                                                         3.0



4th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       201         The 16th & 17th Century English Literature-I        3.0
ENG       202         The 16th & 17th Century English Literature-II      3.0
HIST       203         European History                                                             3.0
HIST       204         World Civilization                                                             3.0

5th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
BUS        105         Introduction to Business                                               3.0         
IEN         250         Listening & Speaking                                                      3.0
ENG       205         Restoration & 18th Century Literature                    3.0
PHL        206         History of Western Ideas                                              3.0

6th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       208         Advanced Reading
Strategies & writing                                                        3.0
ATN       209         Anthropology                                                                    3.0
ENG       301         English for Professional Purpose                                               3.0
IEN         318         English for Mass Communication                              3.0

Major: Literature
7th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
IEN         370         Translation                                                                          3.0
PHL        302         Eastern Thought                                                               3.0
RES         431         Research Methods                                                          3.0

8th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       303         The Romantic Period                                                      3.0
ENG       304         High Victorian Literature                                               3.0
ENG       305         American Literature-I                                                     3.0
ENG       309         Literary Criticism                                                               3.0

9th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       306         Late Victorian to
Modernist (1180-1930)                                                  3.0
ENG       307         American Literature-II                                                   3.0
ENG       308         Postcolonial Literature-I                                                                3.0

10th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       401         Postcolonial Literature-II                                              3.0
ENG       402         Classics in Translation                                                     3.0
ENG       403         Introduction to Critical Theory                                    3.0

11th Semester

Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG       404         Twentieth Century Poetry                                           3.0
ENG       405         Twentieth Century Novel                                             3.0
ENG       406         Twentieth Century Drama                                           3.0

12th Semester

 Course Code     Course Title                                                       
ENG      407         Shakespeare                                                                      3.0
 ENG      450         Dissertation                                                                       6.0

Major: Linguistics

7th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
IEN         370         Translation                                                                          3.0
PHL        302         Eastern Thought                                                               3.0
ENG       431         Research Methods                                                          3.0

8th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
ELN        303         Introduction to Linguistics                                            3.0
ELN        304         English Language Teaching                                           3.0
ELN        305         Language, Society and Culture                                   3.0

9th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
ELN        306         Traditional Grammar                                                      3.0
ELN        307         Modern English Grammar                                            3.0
ELN        308         Language and Philosophy                                             3.0

10th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
ELN        401         Introduction to Phonetics                                            3.0
ELN        402         Introduction to Phonology                                           3.0
ELN        403         Morphology and Syntax                                                                3.0


11th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
ELN        404         Introduction to Sociolinguistics                                  4.0
ELN        405         Introduction to Psycholinguistics                               4.0
ELN        406         Second Language Acquisition                                     4.0

12th Semester

Course  Code     Course Title                                                       
ELN        407         Applied Linguistics                                                           3.0


ENG       450         Dissertation                                                                       6.0
All BAE candidates should complete supervised study and research culminating in a dissertation in their fields of study. The completed dissertation should be well-bound and printed in accordance with the standard of IBAIS University.
BAE Waiver Policy:

To Apply for BAE credit waiver, a student must have an average grade of C+ or better.  Students having Bachelor (pass)/Associate/Diploma (2-4 years) Degree will get waiver according to this waiver policy.

ENG 101


Three Credits in English- the equivalent of ENG 101 at IBAIS University.

BANG 104


Three Credits in Bangla - the equivalent of Bangla 104 at IBAIS University.

SOC 104


Three Credits in Social Science - the equivalent of SOC 104 at IBAIS University.

ENG 106


Three Credits in English - the equivalent of  ENG 106 at IBAIS University.

ILB 101


Three Credits in Psychology - the equivalent of ILB 101 at IBAIS University.

CSE 111


Three Credits in Computer Science - the equivalent of CSE 111 at IBAIS University.

HIST 114


Three Credits in Bangladesh Studies - the equivalent of HIST 114 at IBAIS University.

HIST 203


Three Credits in European History- the equivalent of HIST 203 at IBAIS University.

HIST 204


Three Credits in World civilization-the equivalent of HIST 204 at IBAIS University.

BUS 105


Three Credits in Business-the equivalent of BUS 105 at IBAIS University.

IEN 250


Three Credits in Listening & Speaking - the equivalent of IEN 250 at IBAIS University.

PHL 110


Three Credits in Philosophy - the equivalent of  ACT 110 at IBAIS University.

ANT 209


Three Credits in Anthropology - the equivalent of ANT 209 at IBAIS University.

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