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Grading Policies

The Grades at this university as guided by UGC will be indicated in the following manner:

Numerical ScoresLetter GradeGrade Point
80%- 100% A+ (A Plus) 4.0
75%-79% A (A Regular) 3.75
70%-74% A- (A Minus) 3.5
65%-69% B+ (B Plus) 3.25
60%-64% B (B Regular) 3.0
55%-59% B- (B Minus) 2.75
50%-54% C+ (C Plus) 2.5
45%-49% C (C Regular) 2.25
40%-44% D - 2.0
Less than 40% F Failure 0.0


Grade without numerical values

Incomplete (I): The incomplete (I) grade may be used in special circumstances.  An incomplete grade (I) is provided when a student does not complete one or more requirements of a course such as does not appear Midterm exam or Final exam for an unavoidable reason /accidental circumstances and has applied for `I’ grade. The student who is permitted to appear in Makeup examination(s) will be provided an I grade for that course and this grade will stay  until the student appears in the Makeup examination at the first available opportunity; if s/he fails to appear at the makeup examinations , the ‘ I ’ grade will automatically be  converted to ‘ F ’ grade. The student has the responsibility to take the initiative in completing the work and is expected to make up the incomplete (I) works as specified by the instructor.
Withdrawal (W): The grade withdrawal (W) is assigned when a student officially drops a course within the deadline for withdrawal. Exception to this rule may be made on medical ground. A ‘W’ does not affect the student’s CGPA.
Retaking Courses: The Retake policy has been revised in 2012.The revised retake is as follows:

  1. A student who has achieved C + or lower grade and / or cannot appear at the Midterm or for retake examination in the next semester upon permission. No Retake Exam will be allowed for missed Class Test and Assignments from Summer-2012.
  2. A student may retake a course three times if s/he gets ‘F’ grade.
  3. The best grade would be counted towards CGPA calculation.
  4. The student who wishes to retake a course must register for the course again and will be charged tuition and applicable fees.

Grade Change: Grade change is strongly discouraged. Letter may be changed only for posting error or errors in calculation. If a grade change is inevitable, it must be completed within one semester following the submission of the grade. The Department Chairs, The Programs Directors and Deans will ask for necessary papers and records to substantiate the grade change.

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