IBAIS University

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Requirements for the Degree

As IBAIS University is based on the US University system, all undergraduate degrees are for about four years duration. For each Degree usually minimum hundred twenty credits are required. Students are responsible for degree requirements. Before selecting the courses in each semester, students are asked to take advice from their academic advisors. The university may bring in changes into programs and curricula (if needed). Following are the requirements for graduations:

Usually a minimum of hundred twenty credits for a bachelor’s degree must be earned. A Student must complete all course requirements for the degree including general education courses (GEd), core courses and courses for major concentration. A student must maintain minimum CGPA of 2.5 of Bachelor’s degree and 3.0 for Master’s.

Fulfillment of the above conditions does not necessarily mean that a degree will be automatically conferred on the student. The university reserves the right to refuse the awarding of a degree on disciplinary and other grounds.

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