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The Evaluation Procedure

Evaluation of students' performance is based on final examination, mid-term examination, assignments/term-papers, class test and classroom participation. Classroom evaluation including class tests, assignments, term paper, and mid-term examinations covers 55% of total marks and the remaining 45% are reserved for the final examination. The distribution of mark is as follows:

A. Theory:

Class Attendance/Participation                  : 05%
Class Test                                                : 05%
Assignment/Term Paper                            : 05%
Mid-Term                                                :  40%
Semester Final                                          :               45%

B. Laboratory/Practical:

Class Attendance                                             :               10%
Lab Assessment                                                               :               20%
Lab Assignment                                                                :               10%
Lab Quiz/Project                                              :               20%
Final Lab Assessment                                     :               20%
Viva-Voce                                                           :               20%

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