IBAIS University

"Committed to Ensure International Standard Education"

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  • Students must take their seats as per the seat plan at least 15 minutes before the examination starts.
  • Students coming half an hour later (misuse of preposition) after the assigned time are not permitted to sit for the exam.
  • Students seriously suffering from contagious diseases will be debarred from appearing in the concerned Examination.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the Examination Hall at least within an hour after the commencement of the exam. And if anyone submits the Answer Sheet before the specified time, s/he will not get it back.
  • Students must show their admit cards to the invigilators in the Examination Hall.
  • Students must ensure their signature in the attendance sheet.
  • Students should take enough care to ensure the signature of the invigilator on their Answer Scripts.
  • Name and Registration number must be written very distinctly and carefully on the appropriate place of the cover page of the Answer Script. In case of incomplete or incorrect information, it will be rejected.
  • Students are allowed to use only Royal Blue or Black ink pens. It is prohibited to use Red, Green or any other colored pens to write irrespective of Marker pens. Students are allowed to use Mathematical Instruments and Calculator.
  • Papers must not be separated from the Answer Scripts. Students have to make sure that additional script(s) is/are properly tagged on with the main Answer Script.
  • Students must keep their mobile phones off during the examination hour(s).
  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring books, any portion of books, any papers thereto any other incrementing paper related to the examination in the Examination Hall.

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