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Rules for Credit Transfer

A student studying or having completed program in another institution or transferring from one program to another within IBAIS University may apply for credit transfer. Transfers of credits for the relevant courses are subjected to the approval of the equivalence committee of the respective department.

Transfer of credit is subject to departmental rules and is not permitted without the approval of the concerned Academic Committee. Departments may limit the transfer credit or make less than the maximum permitted by the Academic Committee.

All transfer credits must be earned at a recognized university and not to be utilized to fulfill a requirement for any other degree.

All credits requested in transfer must carry a CGPA of C+ (2.5) at undergraduate levels and B (3.0) at graduate levels. No alternative graded courses can be transferred.

Students seeking transfer credit must have regular student status and be in good academic standing where the credits were earned.

Students admitted to IBAIS University must receive prior approval to take courses elsewhere as a Transient Student for transfer into their programs.

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