IBAIS University

"Committed to Ensure International Standard Education"

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Library of the University is situated at the 4th and 5th floors of University Building # 4, House # 4/4,1(B),Block-A, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207. The rules of the library are:

All students of the University have access to the library. All students will get Library cards both for reading and borrowing.

Students have to pay Tk. 4,000.00 (non-refundable) as Library Service Charge.

If students want to borrow books from the library, they have to pay Tk. 2,500.00 (refundable) as Library Caution Money. At the time of leaving the University, they will get back the caution money. A student can borrow at best 02 (two) books of his/her discipline for two weeks at a time without any charge. But after two weeks Tk. 2/- will be charged per book as late fine for each day.

If any book taken from the library is lost/torn/stolen, the students have to replace the same on their own responsibilities. Otherwise, the price or compensation for the books will be debited from the Caution Money deposited by the students.

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